Executive Positions and Job Roles

Executive Job Roles Across Marketing, Leisure, And the Business Industry 

Business executives are usually responsible for running their organizations although the nature of their roles might vary depending on the specific organization. Some of these roles are also assigned in interim executive jobs.

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Let us look at the different roles across these various industries, shall we?

1.Executive Roles in Marketing

Marketing executives are supposed to come up with marketing campaigns and oversee them to promote services and products.

The roles of marketing executives can comprise of analytical, creative, digital administrative and commercial responsibilities. However, the roles usually vary depending on the size and type of the organization.

Executives in this industry are most likely to work hand in hand with other people in the production, market research, advertising, distribution, and sales sectors in the organization.

Key Roles

1. Performing promotional activities.

2. Presenting and devising strategies and ideas.

3. Monitoring the performance of the business.

4. Writing and later proofreading the creative copies of the organization.

5. Conducting proper research and analyzing the market's data to identify the target audience.

6. Coordinating internal marketing and the culture of the organization.

7. Managing the campaigns of the organization on social media.

2.In the Leisure Industry

An executive is supposed to ensure that he/she supports the sales team in every leisure sales activity that happens in the organization. This helps to have a specific focus on making sales in the leisure market.

Here are some roles that executives in this industry are supposed to perform:

- Make sure that the account correspondence is kept in an updated file.

- Ensure that there is a good relationship between buyers and key contacts in the leisure sector.

- Attend special meetings especially ones that have been noted as necessary and crucial by the sales director.

- Maintaining a qualified and consistent sales call plan each week.

- Ensuring that the list of contracts is continually growing which increases the chances of account penetration.

3.Executives Roles in The Business Industry

Executives in this sector are responsible for creating plans which will ensure that their organizations grow.

Their duties usually depend on the number of people in their staff. In large organizations, they can be assigned to one area to direct like finance, marketing, or even legal services. An executive in this industry is supposed to direct the staff on the tasks they are supposed to perform and at what time.

He/she might also be needed to choose the computer systems that will be used to record data like budgets. They are also responsible for directing investigations when there are any complaints to ensure that the issues are resolved.